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We are HOPE Frome & surrounding villages. We are passionate about friendship, community, family and faith. We are a group of volunteers from local churches as well as non-religious community members united in valuing each other and the place we call home. We do this through organising practical activities and events to help make Frome a better place. Our aim is to inspire infinite hope within ourselves and within our community.

One of our successful long-term initiatives is the Hope Caravan run by our wonderful volunteers who offer hot drinks and a listening ear to those in need alternate Friday nights outside St Johns Church.

Our newest venture is an innovative community project called Hope For Connection. We are working with social media experts, photographers and filmmakers Of Dust & Stars and members of our local community inspired by the possibilities of uniting younger and older people through a soulful use of social media. We also have an events calendar where you are invited to a variety of our local activities.


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